Greta Thunberg from Russia told what she would talk about with her Swedish «twin»

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Russia has its own Greta Thunberg! Larisa Efremova, a 10-year-old schoolgirl from Kovrov, is so similar to a popular eco-activist that they can only be distinguished with great difficulty. Popularity to Larisa came in early November, when the social networks of the Kovrov club, where she is engaged in dancing, posted a photo of her and a photo of the real Tunberg. As a result, the girl drew the attention of local (and not only) media, about her write-in fan publications dedicated to Thunberg.– To be honest, I haven’t heard anything about Greta at all, – the girl’s mother Tatyana Efremova tells Metro. – In the club where she dances, there was an environmental action, children handed over used batteries for recycling. Then the Director of the club called me and told me if I knew Greta Thunberg and added that my daughter looked very much like her. To be honest, the resemblance is only external, in character Lara is a completely different person.

Greta Thunberg
Лариса Ефремова 

Larisa’s mother noted that she now knows much more about the eco-activist and has a positive attitude to her activities.

– I am a teacher of history and social studies, I often have to talk about global problems and environmental problems – — she said. – I think that if Greta can draw attention to them, then she should definitely continue with her projects in the future. And I really want to believe that all Greta’s speeches are sincere.

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After more attention was paid to Larisa, her life did not change. My mother is sure that her daughter is not in danger of star disease.

– We are a very standard family, we work a lot, our daughter is studying, dancing and athletics, there is no time for star disease, Lara does not even know the word, — said Tatiana. – About the profession have not yet thought of, but we are a sportive family, Lara and her older sister dream of a career coach.

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The girl herself has heard of Greta Thunberg and supports her views. She loves subbotniks, teaches her relatives and friends to take care of nature, and also encourages them to give up supermarket bags to reduce plastic consumption.

– The main thing is that the world is clean, — said Larisa Metro. — my Friends support me and even awarded me the nickname Greta Tutumberg. I would like to talk to Greta in person, but I don’t understand English. But if I was transferred, I would advise her not to skip school and look for new ways to protect the environment. I don’t think you should give up your studies for the sake of ecology. For me, school is very important.

A Metro reporter after talking to Larisa wrote to the real Greta Thunberg on Instagram and told about her «twin» from Russia. On behalf of the administrator of the page, I received a response that «the case is extremely interesting and the information will be passed to Greta».

– It is possible that she will be interested and try to contact the Russian schoolgirl in some way, «the response says. – A personal meeting is unlikely, but it will be possible to greet each other in social networks and discuss something.

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